COVID-19 Plans & Precautions

During this time, we are remaining open to service vehicles that require maintenance or minor repairs we can do. We will have minimal crew members on site and have enacted the protocols below to protect our employees and customers until it is no longer necessary, or we run out of supplies.

Plan to protect customers and employees
with social distancing and policies

  • Customers will remain in their vehicle while service is performed.
  • Customer will be asked to roll down the driver’s side window one inch to create a face shield between customer and employee.
  • At check-in, we will give the customer the option to call the store phone rather than speak to them in-person.
  • All employees, including techs, will wear nitrile gloves. Gloves will be changed after each vehicle is serviced.
  • waiting room is closed.
  • We have mandated an hourly regimen of disinfecting and wiping down all public areas with disinfectant including but not limited to - handles, seats, light switches, bathrooms and the cashier area.
  • Techs will have customer call in credit card info and receipt will be emailed to customer if possible.
  • We have suspended vacuuming operations to avoid any cross contamination.